Saturday, May 28, 2011

Caturday Thoughts

It is Caturday! Here I ams being lazy on mys favfurite spot on the couch
The humom gots a new thingie fur hers boxy. No cords......Growls

A furry purrrrty tree from mys favfurite window

ooohhh looks... my favfurite toy.....thanks mom!

Ups and down! Is loves the stairs

Have a wonderful Caturday!

Friday, May 27, 2011


It's a catuation day! The humom's twin neices Catuated today. We are furry proud of them because they are furry smart. Theys gots to wear long blue robes and furry funny hats. Here is a picture of the catuates.
Concatulations Erin and Marissa!

Monday, May 23, 2011


OMC! What is this? The humom has a shirt that says Dog???? How furry rude. What a minute he doesn't look furry much like a dog. I think I have seen the humom watch him on TV before!

Big Trouble!

Oh Oh the humom says I am in furry big trouble. For the last few days she has not been able to get her black box thingie (I thinks she calls it a Wii) to work so after she and her sister Manda and her brother in law Victor went to the movies yesterday Victor came up to check it out.... this is what he found.
I had chewed right throughs the cord.  I feel furry bad .

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Miss Photogenic

My humom gots a new camera for Christmas last year. Guess who her favfurite photo subject is???..... ME! Here are just a few pictures she has taken of mes since she got it.
Here is a picture of me and the humom. I am just sooooooo beautifuls! MOL
Did someone say shopping???

The humom wents to a place called Las Vegas with her sister in March. I was furry mad. I wanted to go too but I had to stay home with dad.

She was TRYING to get a picture of her new brownie pan but I just did not want to stay out of the shot.

Resting up for the BIG game..... Go Pack Go!

Monday, May 16, 2011

An Outside Day

It is an outside day. I am furry happy. It is only 50 degrees outside but it is supposed to get warmer. My humom says I am furry good outside though she keeps an eye on me. I loves to be outside. It is my favfurite thing. I likes to nom on the grass. My humom thinks it is furry funny. I love my humom. She is the best. <3

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Busy Day

oh look at mes I think I sees some birdies. I love being on birdies watch. my humom think it's funny when I put the scatchies on the window. She doesn't mind because I has no front claws.
oooohhhh the suns feels nice I likes to sunbath and as you can see the humom likes to snap pictures while I am sleeping. How furry rude.
The humom is getting a new DVD/VCR player soon so she brought hers VCR thingies out of the garage. I am sitting on the the box
This is my favorite spot for birdie watching. Especially in the morning!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm on the Interwebs!!!!

OMC!!!!! I am on the interwebs! This is a picture of me! Glamourous aren't I. I am furry excited! I will try to updat my bloggie often!