Thursday, December 20, 2012


Cassie here! Wanted to post this picture of Aslan! He is so silly. He thinks the tree skirt is a blanket. He covered hisself up wif it!
Here is me chillin this morning in the bafroom sinks.
Me and Aslan likes our cat tree momma got us a couple of months ago! I cans gets all the ways to the top. Aslan can't.... He's too little! Well have a wonderful holidays and Aslan or I will post another bloggie soon!

<3, Cassie


Monday, December 10, 2012

Snow Cat!

OMC!!!! Looks at all the white stuffs. There is even some on mes. Mama says the white stuffs is called snow and that it will be here for a whiles. I do not likes this.
It is really cold.  How long is this icky white stuffs gonna be here. I want it to go away. I wants my grass back :-( 


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Merry Catmas And Stuff

Merry Catmas everyone! Cassie here. As you can see mom put the tree up. Aslan tries to climb it. That silly boy. That makes mom mad. She said that this year Santa Paws is gonna bring me and Aslan nips for Catmas. She says we has too many toys and enough treats for now.

Mom gots a new couch in September. Its is comfy and Aslan and I likes to lay on it. She says it is all paid off now.  Now that mom got her camera working again she has been going picture crazy.
Here is one of me purched on top of the fridge. I like to snooze there.
Here is a close up of me. What do you think? Did Mom get my good side?  Well that is all for now. Have a wonderful Holiday. We will blog again Soon.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sleepy Aslan and Catmas

Geeze mom why do you take pictures of me asleepies? It is so not flattering. Iz not likes it at all.
see what I mean?
Okays.... That is much betters.  See how bigs I am getting. Mama says I am 7 or 8 pounds now. She says Catmas is coming and that someone named Santa Paws is going to bring me and Cassie catnips as a purrresents. I don't know what Catmas is or who Santa paws is but I do like purresents. By the way what IS Catmas and WHO is Santa paws anyway. Well more later. Cassie will probably do the next blog. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!