Saturday, December 8, 2012

Merry Catmas And Stuff

Merry Catmas everyone! Cassie here. As you can see mom put the tree up. Aslan tries to climb it. That silly boy. That makes mom mad. She said that this year Santa Paws is gonna bring me and Aslan nips for Catmas. She says we has too many toys and enough treats for now.

Mom gots a new couch in September. Its is comfy and Aslan and I likes to lay on it. She says it is all paid off now.  Now that mom got her camera working again she has been going picture crazy.
Here is one of me purched on top of the fridge. I like to snooze there.
Here is a close up of me. What do you think? Did Mom get my good side?  Well that is all for now. Have a wonderful Holiday. We will blog again Soon.

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