Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday With Cassie and Aslan

Hello, It's me Cassie. I am back again after dis blog was catjacked by that darn kitten, Aslan. Since he doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon I decided to just go with it and get along with him. I have to admit he is adorable, but he seems to like to play with my tail and I don't like that. Mom said she just HAD to take this picture because it was sooooooo cute. Note to mom.....: NO MORE KITTENS! Me and Aslan are enough! MOL! Purrs to all on this purreffic Sunday!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hello Aslan

Hello! Aslan here! I is taking over dis here bloggie. Iz came to live wif mom and Cassie on July 19th! I really likes my new home. Its gots lots of toys fur me to play wif. Mom has discovered Iz liked to climb and jump. I am also a cuddler. mom says it may takes a while but eventually cassie will get used to me. in the meantime we both will get lots of cuddles and attention!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A New Brofur!!!?????

Wow its has been a long time since Iz posted. OMC what is this!!!!!!????? Mom says I may be getting a new brofur. The animals place named him Evan but if he comes to lives with us mom says his name is going to be Aslan.She says it's turkish for "lion" and she got it from The Chronicles Of Narnia.  Mom's application for him has to be approved first and he won't come and live with us till August. I don't know how I will react to this. Oh well I am sure I will get over it. After all he is a cute little thing