Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Purrrthday America!!

Happy Puuurrrrthday America! Mom really wanted to photo shop me into an Uncle Sam costume but she doesn't have a program for it and doesn't know how to do it anyway. So here is a picture of me looking like a present instead. Well I was kinda mad yesterday. The humom went furry far away for the day to see family. She and her sisters and brother in law and 3 of her nephews drove a total of 200 miles. Here is a furry funny picture she took. It is a bears with a flag hat on it.
OMC!!!!!!! Wheres she wents to visits had 3 smelly dogs!!!! Here is one....
Her name is Cheri`. I thinks mom said it is french for "Little Girl" She is a Long haired Dauchsaund and she belongs to her aunt and uncle.
Well anyway the humom had fun and didn't come home till furry furry late.... almost 12:30 in the mornings. and when she wents to bed I jumped up and laid on hers tummy for 1 full hour!. I missed her.

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