Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Baaaaaccckkk

Hey there blog followers. Sorry it has been such a furry long time since my last post. The Humom had to send the 'puter in to get fixed. It was down for a furry long time. The humom had her birfday on the 24th of October. The 'puter came back to the apartment the next day. Monday was Halloween. The Humom sat and watched Somfing called Ghost Hunters for SIX HOURS!!!!!!!! So what do you think of my picture? That is my favfurite chair. Mom says it won't be in that spot for much longer. She says the day after Thanksgiving she has to move it over by another window so she can make room fur the Christmas tree. Can you believe that? A tree that is left up for almost 2 months just fur one holiday. Hoomons!

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